Level Infinite, penerbit PUBGM, menghadirkan kembali acara PUBG Mobile x Dragon Ball Super Prize Path yang menampilkan hadiah luar biasa.

The PUBG Mobile x Dragon Ball Super collaboration is back. It’s bigger and better than ever! Dive into the new Prize Path event, where thrilling missions and exclusive Dragon Ball Super rewards await. Check out the detailed

PUBG Mobile x Dragon Ball Super: Level Up and Unleash Your Power

With 40 levels to conquer, the Prize Path is your journey to becoming a true warrior. Complete missions, rack up points, and unlock a treasure trove of Dragon Ball Super-themed rewards. Each level brings you closer to iconic character sets, stylish outfits, powerful weapon upgrades, and more.

Exclusive Rewards Galore:

Channel your inner Super Saiyan with the Vegito character set, embrace Bulma’s adventurous spirit, or unleash the power of Super Saiyan Blue Goku. The Prize Path offers a variety of iconic character sets and items from the first phase of the collaboration, so don’t miss your chance to grab them this time around.

Permanent Dragon Ball Super Figure Collection:

Want to bring the Dragon Ball universe into your real life? The permanent Dragon Ball Super figure collection is your chance to do just that! Collect these detailed figurines and showcase your love for the iconic series.

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How to Unlock the Power:

Unlock the Prize Path by using UC (Unknown Cash) and start your journey towards the ultimate Dragon Ball Super collection. Complete missions to earn points and level up, unlocking incredible rewards along the way. If you’re unsure about unlocking the path right away, you can still complete missions in advance and collect your rewards later.

Exclusive Rewards at Every Level:

The Prize Path isn’t just about the big rewards at the end. Each level offers exclusive items and selection prints, giving you something to look forward to with every step you take. Reach levels 20 and 40 to choose from collaboration outfits, and use UC or vouchers to unlock even more character traits from the event shop.

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